– Part of Certification Center CTCR Oy – 

Rusol is a consulting company ensuring profitable and safe entry for infra construction companies to  operate in various countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and all CIS countries. 

Our expertise ensures a safe and efficient market entry with the support of a wide range know-how. Our consultants have over 25 years of experience in international infra construction.
We are a part of Certification Center CTCR Oy. Certification Center CTCR Oy is a sales and marketing company specialized in certificates required by CIS countries. CTCR Oy was established in 1999.

Renca - Rusol partnership . .. ...

RENCA – RUSOL partnership in sustainable construction materials.
Renca designs, develops and delivers a wide range of products based on geopolymer technology.

Our services

RuSol helps companies of different sizes to enter and operate in the CIS country markets. Our services cover the whole market entry process from a market research and certificates to establishing and operating a company. We focus on ground improving and infra construction businesses.

About us

RuSol is part of Certification Center CTCR Oy. CTCR has served companies of different sizes in certification issues for over 25 years. RuSol was founded to help and serve companies expand their operations to new markets in the CIS countries and Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. 

Mass Stabilization

Our deep know-how lies in the construction industry

Mass stabilization is an economical and ecologically efficient method to improve soft soil foundations. As a result, the strength and deformation properties of soil are significantly improved compared with the original soil.